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For over fifteen years, Nathan has worked tirelessly on crafting the world of Elijah Runners, combining his passions for End Times eschatology, auto racing, adventure stories in the vein of the Hero’s Journey, and the very fringes of Bible study. With its unique premise and setting, Elijah Runners captured the attention of both veteran and casual readers alike. Believing the world he formed had merit, Nathan set out to retool the story, further fleshing out characters and the narrative.   Born and raised in Corpus Christi, Nathan now resides in Austin, TX with his family. An entrepreneur at heart, Nathan owns a small business dedicated to helping others with their bookkeeping, tax, and consulting needs. However, in his limited free time, Nathan dedicates himself to his most prolific passion: writing fiction stories. 


Naomi is one of the best up-and-coming amateur racecar drivers in the world. However, her burgeoning career has stalled as the world is plunged into chaos. War, economic collapse, martial law, disease, and environmental catastrophes have all conspired against her achieving her racing dream. As she anxiously waits for the world to return to a state of normalcy, she is met by an enigmatic man named Balian Ywain, who curiously offers her a seat on his race team. Naomi is suddenly thrust into a new world where she learns that Balian’s “team” of misfits are actually a group of smugglers. They spearhead an operation to transport people and supplies for a network of underground churches, which have established a foothold outside the city. Will Naomi continue to cling to her dream, which is so tied to the old world, or will she embrace her newfound purpose on the dangerous fringes of society? 

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